About us

We have a Home Office Approved and Regulated  indoor range, located on the outskirts of Llandudno, North Wales.

Our history – LCBM was formed in 1970 as a pistol club. Over the years we have developed to a wider range of shooting disciplines, to include rifle shooting in both air powered and live round shooting disciplines. We have a rich history of success in national and international competitions, all from our small club in North Wales.

At the club we shoot a variety of calibres from .177 (Air) up to .44 (full bore). If you are looking for a safe, friendly and altogether great environment to learn to shoot, you’ve found it. Whether you are looking for a new hobby or something different for your teenage children to experience LCBM can offer exactly that, with its great indoor range and supervised training programme.

Both Air Rifles and Air Pistols can be shot at the club on Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons and most of Sunday. Great fun and an interesting new hobby.

At the club we also use several different types of firearm and different calibres. Calibres that can be shot at the club are .22 Rimfire, 38/357 and .44. The firearms we use include Semi Automatic Rifles, Under lever Rifles, Semi Automatic Long Barrelled Pistols (LBP) and Long Barrelled Revolvers (LBR). Firearms are shot at the club on Monday – Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Members shoot at a variety of distances up to 25 metres at both static or turning targets. For more information on exactly what disciplines we shoot please click on this link disciplines. Firearms and Airguns

As well as the firing range, we have a club room with a seating area where refreshments can be enjoyed in between shooting time on the range. The club also has a separate maintenance area, where guns can be checked and maintained.

Club competitions are held throughout the year. Members also visit other clubs to enter competitions across the UK and Europe. In the past we have produced several champions, national record holders and members of the Welsh Gallery Rifle National Team.

At LCBM we are a very welcoming bunch of men and women. We run five open nights during the year to enable people who think they may like to learn to shoot the opportunity to have a go under supervision.

Current and future plans – The range is currently in the process of being refurbished and improved. This is an ongoing process and is helped along by an enthusiastic membership. The club hopes to extend the range in the future to offer full competition distances to enable its members to practice and maximise their potential.

A comprehensive training programme is offered across the range of disciplines that can be enjoyed at the club. All you have to do is give us a call or email to join in

We’ll wait to hear from you…….